Download component watch

To install and use Component-Watch you need a recent version of java (at least 1.6) installed on your machine. You can download latest version of java from

You can download Component-Watch using following bundles:

File name Description
install_component-watch_1.1.jar Multi-platform Installer
component-watch-1.1-bin.tgz All binaries + doc bundled as a single tarball All binaries + doc bundled as a single zip file
component-watch-1.1-all.tgz All binaries + sources + doc bundled as a single tarball All binaries + sources + doc bundled as a single zip file

from the Sourceforge project: Component-Watch download page

Note: downloading and using Component-Watch implies that you agree with the Apache 2 open-source License terms.

Installing with the installer

The installer is the preferred way to install Component-Watch because it will provide the following features:

  • Adapt scripts to the target platform and customise them to include the installation directory.
  • Install desktop shortcut & menu items (on Windows and some Linux platforms --- not working Mac OS and Gnome3)
  • Conditionally install documentation and sources
  • Creates an uninstaller

Once you have downloaded the installer file, just double-click on it and the installer will launch automatically.

If this auto-launch of jar file is not supported on your platform, you can launch it manually with the following command:

      java -jar install_component-watch_1.1.jar

... and follow the instructions.

Installing with the zip or tgz archives

If you've downloaded one of the archive, just extract the content in a directory.

Then go in the "bin" sub-directory and launch the run.bat (on Windows) or the (elsewhere) to start the Component-Watch application.

Note: on Unix platforms, ensure that the is executable.